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Athletes and players are more prone to sports related eye injuries. Sports like boxing and those involving the use of balls, rackets etc. increase the risk of eye injuries. By wearing protective Progear sports glasses, players can protect their eyes from serious eye injuries.

Sports glasses are specially designed to

  • Fit comfortably and securely during physical activity.

  • Protect player’s eyes from dust particles and eye injuries during physical activities.

  • Enhance player’s vision and performance.

Best for player’s performance

Research proves that sports spectacles can have a profound effect on a sportsperson’s performance. Correct vision is important for all sports. Clear vision is crucial for a sportsperson’s performance. Even if you have the normal 20/20 vision, you can wear right sports eyewear that will reduce glare and improve color contrast. Sports eyewear will make you see even better and react faster.

Available in different sizes and shapes

Protective sports glasses and straps for athletes come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Some eye goggles are even designed to fit in the helmets which are used for hockey, football, baseball etc.

Use of polycarbonate

Sports glasses are usually made of polycarbonate. The material has impact-resistant capabilities of polycarbonate that protects your eyes from fast moving objects. Polycarbonate lenses are lightweight, scratch-resistant, durable and UV rays resistant , making them best choice among sports accessories. Progear sports glasses strap can be worn both with prescription and non-prescription lenses.

Purchasing excellent quality of sports eyewear online

If you want to purchase sports eyewear for you and your kids, you may explore vast collection of branded sports safety goggles which are available for kids, men and women online at highly affordable price at DanielWalters. As per your choice, you may select best protective eyewear to protect your eyes from injuries.

Tips for selecting the right sports eyewear

  • Don’t buy eye guards or goggles without lenses.

  • Always go with polycarbonate lenses.

  • Look for anti-fog and UV-rays resistance lenses.

  • Before choosing eyewear for sports, consult an eye care specialist who will advise you to buy best quality eyewear as per your eye sight.

Advantages of Progear Sports Glasses

  • Save eyes from injuries and accidents

  • Enhance the performance of the sportspersons

  • Provide sharp vision for exemplary performance

  • People with refractive error can wear Progear Sports Glasses to secure their eyes and also improve their vision

  • Protect your eyes from Ultra-Violet rays and dust particles

  • Help to improve the color contrast during sports activities

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